Food & Drink

The Salt Whistle Kitchen is our beach restaurant and bar that serves an international menu based mostly on local ingredients. Our chef, Justin Quinton, is an experienced professional chef for the last 20 years who has worked in top restaurants in the Caribbean as well as a three year stint at the world renowned La Gavorche, a Michelin star restaurant in London.

We get fresh fish daily from the local fishermen as well as fruits and vegetables from both Union Island and Saint Vincent. We also bake our own breads, muffins, flat breads, and other tasty treats. Our staff will make best efforts to accommodate your eating preferences. 

There are a few small beach shacks on the other side Salt Whistle Bay where locals grill local fish and lobster as well as a few small restaurants in the village about a 15 minute walk up the hill. There is also a small grocery store in the village to buy basic food and drink items. On Union Island, there's a small produce market with about ten stalls that sell local fruits and vegetables and a grocery store across from the bank that has a pretty good selection (for local standards).