Getting to Mayreau

Mayreau is located in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, just a 20 minute boat ride from Union Island. We are happy to assist you on your travel plans to Mayreau. The closest airport is on Union Island, where we can arrange for a boat to pick you up and bring you to Salt Whistle Bay. The closest international airports to Union Island are Barbados, Saint Lucia and Grenada. Martinique is also an alternative, but includes more stops.


Currently, the easiest way to fly to Union Island is through Barbados (BGI) on SVG Air. The 4:00 PM flight from Barbados to Union Arrives at about 4:45PM. On the return, there is a 10:45 AM fight from Union Island to Barbados which should give you plenty of time to make your connecting flight.


Saint Vincent

In February 2016, the new Argyle International Airport opened with plans for international direct flights to Saint Vincent (SVD) to follow. Once this happens, this should be another convenient way to get to Mayreau. SVG Air flys to Union Island a few times a day.


Saint Lucia

SVG Air also flys direct from Saint Lucia (Hewanorra International Airport, UVF) to Union Island.



From Grenada (GND), SVG Air flys to Union Island.


Money Matters

The local currency on St. Vincent and the Grenadines (and Grenada, St. Lucia) is the East Caribbean Dollar ($EC). It has a fixed exchange rate of EC$2.70 = 1 US Dollar.

For your convenience, we accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club) and PayPal.  To get cash, there is one ATM on Union Island, none on Mayreau. We strongly advise you get cash at the ATM on your way from the Union Airport to the dock when you arrive (the driver will know to stop there). It's also a good idea to bring either USD, CAD, or Euros as a backup.

We automatically add a 10% gratuity to all restaurant and bar bills which is distributed to our local staff.  We also add a mandatory 11% hotel room tax to your room bill.  



Salt Whistle Bay has almost nine months of trade winds for the November to July kiting season. Depending on when you visit, you can generally expect to have winds in the 18-24 mph range during this period for at least half of the days you are on the island. We have found the WindGuru forecast to be reasonably accurate in predicting which days have good kiting conditions. We also have a WindGuru Station with live wind reports (coming soon).   

% of days that are Beaufort 5+ (19 mph+) from WindGuru.


We recommend you bring your larger kites, perhaps 11-13M and a 9-10M. We usually out with our 11M or 12Ms but occasionally will get a 22-24 mph day and use our 9M or 10Ms. All the spots in the area get essentially the same trade winds, more or less.

Finally, there should be no problem bringing your board bag on the flights. If your bag does not fit on your flight you are on it will be on the next available flight. Of course we will assist you in making sure your luggage arrives to Salt Whistle Bay. We also have secure gear storage on the property.

Kite Schools

There are two kite schools on Union Island, Happy Kites and JT Pro Center. Both offer lessons, excursions, and gear repairs. Happy Kite also provides transfers between Union Island and Salt Whistle Bay as well as lessons on Mayreau in a designated teaching area on the windward beach. We're committed to supporting local businesses as part of our mission of building a sustainable destination and therefore do not have our own kite school.

Internet Access

We have wifi in the restaurant/bar area. It's OK for email, social media, and basic web access on your phone (not streaming media or uploading a lot of photos/videos). It's based on the DSL landline and the reliability is questionable at times. However, if you need higher speed and better reliability, we can lend you a SIM for your phone and you just pay for the data (1 GB is $20US, 3GB is $40US, and 5GB is $50US). We have found download speeds to be at least 5Mbps, it's very reliable, and there's coverage everywhere on the property (and the entire area including Tobago Cays). 

Medical Care

Mayreau has a small clinic with a nurse for basic medical situations. There is also the Union Island Health Center 20 minutes away by boat. Union Island also has a small pharmacy. For more serious conditions, the closest hospital is on the island of Saint Vincent, a 20 minute flight from Union Island. However, for those situaitons, it would be best to fly to Martinique, Grenada, or Barbados as the hospitals are far better on those islands.



Food & Drink

The Salt Whistle Kitchen is our beach restaurant and bar that serves an international menu based mostly on local ingredients.

Download our current menu »

We get fresh fish daily from the local fishermen as well as fruits and vegetables from both Union Island and Saint Vincent. Our staff will make best efforts to accommodate your eating preferences. 

There are a few small beach shacks on the other side Salt Whistle Bay where locals grill local fish and lobster as well as a few small restaurants in the village about a 15 minute walk up the hill. There is also a small grocery store in the village to buy basic food and drink items. On Union Island, there's a small produce market with about ten stalls that sell local fruits and vegetables and a grocery store across from the bank that has a pretty good selection (for local standards).

Water Taxis

One of our goals as a sustainable destination is to support local businesses. We work with a number of qualified local boat drivers on Mayreau and Union for water taxi services including transfers between Union Island Airport, excursions to nearby islands such as Tobago Cays, and any other transportation needs. We are happy to arrange transportation for you.

Safety & Security

We have found Mayreau to be quite safe with very few incidents. We have our own 24x7 on-site security plus local police also have a presence on Mayreau. The primary concern is preventing theft of valuables, as would be a general concern traveling to most countries. We encourage our guests to use the safe we have installed in all bungalow rooms and tents to keep valuables.


We've made a lot of progress reducing the annoyance factor of mosquitos on the property. Screening has been installed on all bungalow windows and mosquito nets are installed over beds. All tents have netting, and it is strongly recommended to keep your tent fully zipped up, when you are in the tent and when you are away. Also, we have installed nontoxic mosquito traps in all bungalow rooms and tents as well as have zappers available. These seems to work well in nearly eliminating mosquitos in rooms and tents. Finally, we occasionally use various mosquito repellents during the evenings including Picaridin and Lemon Eucalyptus-based products.

As you know, mosquitos are throughout the Caribbean, which is also a Zika-invested area. Although Zika cases have dropped significantly across the Caribbean and Latin America, the CDC's travel recommendations haven't changed. Pregnant women should not travel to places where Zika is circulating. 

The bottom line is mosquitos are present in nearly all Caribbean locations, however, we have on-going efforts to reduce their impact on guests. Like you, we hate mosquitos!

Non-toxic mosquito traps that work.

Non-toxic mosquito traps that work.

Zappers work too...

Zappers work too...